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Welcome to Leo Direct Inc, a dynamic retail marketing and sales firm located in Lexington, KY. Our company represents a wide range of clients in industries such as telecommunications, fiber optics, satellite, and cable. What makes our services highly sought after is the personalized approach we implement in our marketing and sales strategies.

At Leo Direct Inc, we believe in relationship-based, face to face marketing, and we become the smile and handshake behind our clients’ brands. They want to grow locally; we help them acquire new customers. They want to expand nationally; we train new managers to oversee new markets. The process is simple, and the work is prosperous.

When we opened, we had a vision of being the best in our field. We attribute our success and growth to our efforts on our people and training structure. As a company, Leo Direct Inc has cultivated an environment focused on positivity, dynamic adaptability, and growth.

Leo Direct Inc sets itself apart from the competition by delivering tangible and timely results to its clientele.
We promote unity and prosperity. Leo Direct Inc understands the importance of keeping a strong, goal-oriented team.
Whether it’s for our clients, company, or team members, we are committed to upholding a high standard of excellence.

What We Offer

With a focus on relationship-based retail marketing and sales, Leo Direct Inc is able to deliver elite clients positive name-brand recognition, higher levels of customer loyalty, and an increased consumer base.
Marketing & Sales
Leo Direct Inc’s qualified team of marketing and sales representatives meet with customers face-to-face in retail locations to determine if our clients’ products/services are the best fit for their wants and needs.
Brand Awareness
Do you want to grow your product/service but hesitant at how to do so outside of your market? We expand brand awareness for our clients using a knowledgeable and fun team of professionals.
New Customers
Our clients choose Leo Direct Inc to represent them because we are cost-effective and work on a performance-based scale. We bring our clients thousands of new accounts per year using our face-to-face approach.
Career Advancement
At Leo Direct Inc, we specialize in leadership development, team management, and goal-setting. Our hands-on training program allows individuals the opportunity to experience ongoing, rapid growth!

Growth Projections





Our Mission

Our mission at Leo Direct Inc is to continue providing the highest quality results to our clients and provide excellent training and mentorship to the team members within our company. Everyone at Leo Direct Inc will understand they play a vital part in our company’s success.

Our Values

“When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.”
(Roy E. Disney)

The elite clients we represent require a certain standard of excellence, and with aggressive growth projections, we’re always focusing on improvement!


We believe that it’s truly possible to love what you do and who you do it with. We started as acquaintances and are now family.


Integrity demands excellence. Excellence yields success. Success fosters growth. Growth cultivates people.


With a culture based on internal promotions and performance-based work, we find ourselves surrounded by the most motivated and career oriented team members!


We have created a company culture that emphasizes the value of using our communication skills for good. We fundraise on behalf of charities and non-profits, such as Operation Smile.


Most of our team members come from sports-oriented backgrounds and played at either high school, collegiate or professional levels! If you like sports, you’ll fit right in!

Our Team

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”
(John C. Maxwell)
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Mathew Lee
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